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The Little Supplement Company are a premium supplier of quality cannabis oil


I have had a health food store since 2006 and have always looked at helping, advising and protecting my customers, I have never prioritised money or sales over people!

So I believe this is the exact time in which to help my customers out with this incredible deal that will only stay on whilst we are in the grip of this horrible pandemic and all the mental health issues it is causing.

Our CBD oil is GMP regulated and the results we have seen with everyone who has used it over the last three years has been quite literally, amazing.

So everyone has now heard of Cannabis oil, Hemp oil, cbd oil as it’s one of the most talked about legal natural medicinal herbal products on the planet at the moment.

So here are a few answers to common questions about CBD.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes in the UK CBD is legal and safe to take.

Are all CBD’s the same?

Unfortunately not. There is very little policing on CBD products at the moment, so many people don’t actually know what they are buying. We suggest look for one that is GMP accredited and has been around for a while, like the little cbd company CBD, which has been going strong for 5 years now.

Does CBD help with sleep?

CBD is fantastic at getting people into a deeper sleep (REM) for longer giving the body a longer opportunity to repair and recharge. CBD has the ability to increase serotonin levels in the brain which have a great impact on quality of sleep. I personally find the 10% CBD oil incredible for sleep.

Does CBD help with anxiety?

The simple answer is yes, absolutely. Anxiety is more prevalent now than ever before and with the world going mad overnight i am not surprised. When people become anxious their adenosine receptors start shutting down which in turn heightens anxiety. CBD reactivated this part of our brain which helps us control anxiety through cool hormones like serotonin and dopamine release.

Does CBD help with depression?

Yes again CBD elevates mood by getting the body to naturally increase the production of happy chemicals, serotonin and dopamine as well as making us more efficient at recycling these hormones. I have personally had some incredible results regarding using CBD as a natural antidepressant.

Does CBD help with pain management?

Yes it can. CBD send proteins to pain receptors in the Brain and dampens down our reception of pain. To help even more with pain management CBD also has an incredible anti inflammatory effect on the body, affecting over 1,100 inflammatory responses in the human body. If we reduce inflammation we reduce pain and improve good health.

Can pets take CBD?

We have had amazing results from pet owners who have used CBD on their beloved pet’s. We don’t sell CBD for animals, however, if the owner choses to give their cat or dog a couple of drops of 5% then that is their choice. The results across the board have been absolutely mind blowing.

What makes the Little CBD Company’s CDB so good?

The little cbd company’s CBD has been sourced from hundreds of different potential manufacturers. The choice we had was ridiculous from all over the world. But we wanted a product that wasn’t going to cost the earth and ultimately deliver results. Over the last 5 years this is exactly what we have achieved. For starters it is GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedure) accredited. It is CO2 Extracted for purity. It is a blend of Organically grown Hemp Seed Oil and Cannabis Oil. Its carrier is not olive oil like most CBD’s but an MCT oil from coconut for even better absorption.

The little company CBD Oil has outsold all our other CBD oils in the shop, put together by over 100 fold and is the most reffered product by customers in the shop.

The amazing Organic Full Spectrum  Hemp blended  with a pure Cannabis CBD Entourage Blend 10% at 10ml

  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Anxiety
  • IBS
  • Pain
  • Arthritis

Organically Grown Full Spectrum Hemp CBD blended with Cannabis CBD in an MCT base.

The feed back on this product has been outstanding.

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Latest Reviews

Wow! I’ve been struggling with arthritis in my wrists for ages even resorting to a brace when it’s really bad. I put a few drops of CBD drops under my tongue and rubbed CBD balm onto my wrists and even before I had finished the treatment I could feel the pain easing. Long may it continue.
With very many thanks


I suffer with Fibromyalgia and a friend suggested I try CBD Oil to see if that would help. I was really sceptical and purchased some off the internet. It was terrible tasting and didn’t do a thing! then another friend told me she had bought some Oil from The Little CBD Company, and it was super effective. So I bit the bullet a 2nd time, and I am so glad I did, the oil is working wonders for me,the pain relief it gives me every day is unbelievable! You have a customer for life, thank you so much!

Nikki / Housewife

I’m a very happy customer who buys CDB Oil regularly and absolutely feels the benefits of it, I would recommend it to anyone who has joint pain, it works wonders.

Steve / La Riviera Furniture

I started using cbd oil 2 weeks a ago and it’s worked wonders for me,
I had a car accident two years ago and have tried everything for shoulder neck and arm pain, I was feed up with paying our for osteopath Appointments and going back and forwards to physio.
A lot of friends said to try cbd so I choose hempulsive 500mg It’s absolutely incredible it’s taken about a week to actually start working but my pain has eased of really well, I still have the feeling of aching but as long as the pain is no longer there then I am happy.
Great product and I will be buying again.


I’ve been using this product for around a month now (wanted to actually test it properly before leaving a review) and I can say its really worked wonders for me! I have a lot of aches and pains, mainly around my neck and shoulders, been applying this cream twice a day and its provided so much relief. I would certainly recommend it to others


I bought this for my wife, she suffers terribly with fibromyalgia so thought this was worth giving a try. I have to say first up that upon receiving it through the post I was going to send it back, from the images on the website it looks as big as a shoe polish tin, in reality its about the size of a nivea lip balm tin!!. My wife was having a particularly bad day and convinced me to keep it and at least try it, and we are both happy we did, its working really well, and instead of a debilitating pain she now has more of a slight nag, she can definitely tell the difference it has made to her, and surprisingly it does go quite a long way for such a small tin, we are going to be ordering some more shortly, might also give the muscle cream a try that I have noticed Hempulsive sell. Definitely a 5 stars from us!


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